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I have been an illustrator for a long time, but I experienced a shift in my practice when the pandemic hit in 2020. I started exploring a lot more personal themes in my work, and started leaning on a darker colour palette. My illustrations allow me to work through artistic and academic block and map out the thoughts that are not so easily expressed verbally or through my writing and experimental film work.

I hide messages in my pieces, trace over images and play with opacity, and layering to create complex visual maps that take time to decode.

Book Cover Art

I had the opportunity to adapt one of my pieces into the cover of the wonderful poet Assiyah Jamilla Touré's book Autowar.

Untitled_Artwork 4 (1).png
more illustration work

"Wherever there is Power, there is resistance" (2020)

Flare Magazine Black History Month Illustration (2020)

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