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Branding & Visual Identity

I have worked with individuals, businesses and organizations on developing visual and brand identities suited to their individual needs, including logos and business cards.

My approach is different depending on the project, the client and the overall "feel" that they are looking for. Developing a brand and visual identity requires a lot of back and forth; the ability to come up with, ditch and remix ideas; and patience! I'm really proud of the work I've done over several years with my wide range of clients.

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Black Graduation

One of my earliest projects was the University of Toronto's Black Graduation ceremony in 2017 - the first of its kind in Canada. I had the opportunity to design the graphics for their subsequent years as well.

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Digital Rights Community Grant
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I created the assets and posters for the Digital Rights Community Grant organized by Digital Justice Lab, Tech Reset Canada and the Centre for Digital Rights. These were distributed on their social media and website.

Mapping Black Futures

While working as a Project Coordinator for Black Futures Now Toronto's Mapping Black Futures Project, I created visuals to accompany the project and populate its social media, website and promotional material.

Queer Wine Night
Branding & Posters

I created the logo and posters for Queer Wine Night; an event for the 2SLGBTIAA+ community to gather, enjoy tasty drinks and mingle! This has been a wonderful project to work on, because it's gone from little ideas to full on posters and some exciting things that we are working on so stay tuned!

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